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 Character Profile: Sinbad

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PostSubject: Character Profile: Sinbad    Sat Jun 23, 2012 6:25 am

Name: Sinbad Bartholomew Lowell
Species: Werewolf
Age: 27
Date of Birth: October 1st, 1197
Occupation: Thief, Also works as a bouncer at the local Tavern
Residence: Secret caves in the mountains


- TwinBrother Garret (Dead)
-Mother Julliana (Dead)
-Father Arthur (Dead)

- werewolves
- Jane (Alive): He has an arranged marriage with her, and seeing the benefits it brings, he agrees with it. He also secretly cares for her, believing her to be his only friend, however, he will try his best not to let anyone, even Jane, know about this.

-Dean: Killed his father and now Sinbad will do anything to get into the highest position of the pack; The Alpha.
-Tulio: Sinbad dislikes the beta with a burning passion, feeling he took over his position. He sees Tulio as weak and will try anything to demote him.


Positive Traits; Crafty, Intelligent, and passionate at anything he puts his heart into. He can be a hard worker when he wants to be, and is loyal to those he cares for.
Negative Traits; Lies, steals, arrogant, prideful, a bit selfish, greedy, has a strong lust for power. Can lose his temper often, but not enough to lose his mind over it.
Sinbad is what most consider a bad boy, he doesn't care much for manners or etiquette. He has reasons for being the way he is, and some are hidden even from Dean. He wants the world to hate him, believing his only friends are dead. He finds comfort in his dreams to be Alpha, but hates being alone, because he can beat himself up about things. He likes to be around people so he can force himself to pretend, hoping one day to become as numb as he says he is. Being alone ignites a harsh reality to him, and painful memories often flood his dreams. He has many demons to fight, but he won't admit it.

Likes; [i] Money, power, flirting, stubborn girls, candy, prefers human meat over animals. The color Red in his clothes, leather collars, straying far from the cave, trespassing. Fluffy kittens, puppies, fat dogs.
Dislikes; Dean, older men and women, over cooked anything, the color pink, the color blue, rainbows, most other guys, monkeys, birds.

Strengths; Gymnastics, survival instincts, flirting, stealing, cooking, writing, taking care of animals, Weaponry, puzzles, sarcasm. Can turn into a werewolf at will, without hurting much. Enhanced hearing and speed, as well as strength.
Weaknesses; Silver, high bribes, large crowds, Dean's wolf form(brings bad memories), orders from the alpha, Jane, cute puppies.

Has short dark brown hair and blue eyes. He also has a bit of facial hair, which he likes to keep trimmed to perfecting, as he often calls it his 'pride'. He has two tattoos, the largest being a yin and yang designed one right above his left breast. It has a white fae (Female Wolf) and a black brute(Male wolf) chasing each other, making a circle. The black wolf's tail touches Sinbad's heart.

His father, although quite feared, was a good family man. Sinbad's mother was blessed with fraternal twins, Sinbad and Garret. Sinbad was the stronger twin, his fetus taking more nutrients than Garret's. Sinbad was born first, and therefor, his father promised him the pack, if he could prove his strength. Sinbad went above and beyond his father's expectations, but Garret, however, was far behind. Garret grew up sickly, growing blind and often contracting disease. He was exposed to a man with scarlet fever, contracted the disease and died. Sinbad and his brother were very close, however, and Garret never resented him. Sinbad was devastated when his brother died, and promised him he would lead the pack with his brother's heart inside him. After his father was killed, his mother committed suicide. When Sinbad's dreams were crushed by Dean, he started to change, becoming the man he is, a hard shell that promises to never be broken. He is driven by anger, revenge, and love for his brother. He will do nearly anything to get to the rank of Alpha, to carry on his family's memory.


Video Audition:
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Character Profile: Sinbad
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