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 Character Profile: Jim

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PostSubject: Character Profile: Jim   Sat Jun 23, 2012 7:29 am

Jim Hawkins



Date of Birth:
November 4th, 1198

Pet of Alice ; Spy for Witches

Crypt ; Secret Crypt below the Mausoleum

- True family is dead.
- Alice: Fiance
- Claude: Future Father in Law
- Odette: Future Sister in Law
- Rose: Future Sister in Law

- Allies
* Witches
* Vampires
- Friends
* Miguel: Whom he gives most of his information to; attracted to but afraid of hurting him
* Alice: Has to be nice, blames her for being a monster, but tries to make sure she's happy so she doesn't kill as many people
* Ariella: Whom he gives information to.

Uh... none to my knowledge?

Positive Traits
Good, tends to try to be selfless, funny, flirty, kind, honest
Negative Traits
Heroic, not in control of himself sometimes, tends to make a big situation seem little, brushes off warnings, sometimes skiddish and nervous around Miguel, sucks at lying.

Jim tends to try to keep Alice from killing the humans she feeds on. Sometimes he might try to convince her animals are a good source of nutrition. He tries to do good but ultimately is afraid that his actions might hurt people. He isn't in complete control over his abilities and worries that he might hurt someone. Especially afraid of hurting Miguel and tries to make sure no one finds out about the man.

Miguel, running, falling (He likes to go cliff diving for the fun of it), sunshine (instinctively he hates it but the good part of him craves to see it once more), Darkness (instinctively), Twilight
Dislikes; Sunshine (instinctively), darkness (good part hates the dark, body loves it), hates staying in once place for too long

Superior senses; excelled hearing, speed and strength, and immortality. Has kept a good heart despite his belonging to the dark.
Skin burns in the sunlight unless they possess a ring spelled by a witch, which are rare as they are sworn enemies. They also possess the incessant need to feed on blood. Wood (when breaks the skin) and a herb (vervain) are effective weapons against them. A wooden stake through the heart will kill them. Jim is also afraid of himself, causing his body to react as such. He doesn't use his body to it's fullest potential.

Normally has red eyes (unless trying to flirt with Miguel then he tries to hold on to his original pale blue eyes).
Ear ring in his left ear.
Pale skin.

Jim was young when the war between the clans started, though he was not directly involved. His involvement came much later when he reached 21 and met Alice.

The rest of his history is being built. D; I need to plot with Miguel/Alice/Claude/Rose/Odette for his turning.

Video Audition:

I hate my audition. I want to fix it. x.x
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Character Profile: Jim
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