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 Character Profile: Akima

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PostSubject: Character Profile: Akima   Fri Jun 29, 2012 9:05 am

Name: Akima Thorne
Species: Werewolf
Age: 24
Date of Birth: 13th of November 1200; 23:56pm
Occupation: Runs the Twin-Thorne Tavern with her sister, Marina.
Residence: Twin-Thorne Tavern; Chambers of Akima.


- Marina; Twin Sister (Werewolf; Alive)
- Father (Werewolf; Dead)
- Mother (Werewolf; Dead)
- Uncle; Mother's Side (Werewolf; Dead)
- Dean; Uncle (Werewolf; Alive)
- Tulio; Cousin (Werewolf; Alive)
- Jane; Cousin (Werewolf/Witch; Alive)

- Werewolves; The only family she has left and she'll stick by them no matter what.
- Humans; Their tavern wouldn't nearly be as popular without them, so she puts up with them for the sake of that. Plus they can be quite entertaining at times.

- Dimitri; The man that killed her parents. She wants revenge for what he did and won't stop searching for him until she gets it.
- Witches; Her parents were killed by one and now she hates all witches, even if they've never done anything to harm another.


Positive Traits; Loyal, protective, honest, brave, funny, flirtatious.
Negative Traits; Outspoken, blunt, stubborn, selfish, cunning.
Akima is loyal to her family and would protect them with everything she had because they're all she has left.
She says what she thinks, when she thinks it without fearing the consequences. She's honest about what she says, though she can, unintentionally or not, hurt others when she's too direct about something.
She never backs down once she's made a decision about something or someone, even if she knows that she's wrong.
She spends a lot of time joking around with her sister and making fun of pretty much anyone she finds, saying certain things just to annoy people when she knows she can.
She also flirts with a lot of people and rarely goes beyond teasing them, at least in public. And if she were to ever date someone, it wouldn't last long and she would almost always be the one to end it first, mostly just to hurt the other person but, even though she'd never admit it, she's scared to commit to anything as she knows just how painful it is to suddenly lose someone you love.
She likes to think that she's never truly cared for any of her partners, but there have been a few that she has genuinely cared about and still does.
To strangers she may seem slightly selfish and conceited but this is just a front so no one gets too close to her, her family know she's not just that but the only one who truly knows how vulnerable she is is her sister, Marina.

Likes; Raw meat, exploring outside at night, drunks; there are plenty at the tavern and their behaviour is always entertaining, playing with guns, fighting, she secretly admires those who have the patience to think before they act, flirting, being a tease.
Dislikes; Anyone who hurts her family, witches, older men, people who take away innocent lives, people who don't stand up for what they believe in.

Strengths; Superior senses; excelled hearing and strength; even for a werewolf, extended human life, can turn into a werewolf at will but feels some pain, first aid; her mother taught her natural ways of healing when she was a child, handling weapons; especially guns, though she has little need for them she enjoys using them when she can, hand to hand combat.
Weaknesses; Silver, her family, her obsession with finding the man that killed her parents.

Akima is of average build but deceptively strong, even for a werewolf. She has tanned skin, brown eyes and short black hair; naturally dyed part of it purple when she was a teenager and has kept it that way ever since.
She's always seen wearing t-shirts, trousers and boots and never wears dresses or skirts, unless she's working and even then she cuts them short; usually to mid-thigh length.
She has three tattoos; a black and blue detailed butterfly on her right hip, just like her mother had; symbolising the soul, transition and a long life. A black and purple detailed snake on her right shoulder blade; symbolising elusiveness, danger and healing. A black wolf paw print on her chest, over her heart; symbolising her spirit, protection and a link to her family.

Akima and Marina were born in 1200. One year before the clan divide, they were only 5 when it ended and therefore don't remember or understand much about it.
On the 13th of November 1211, their parents were murdered by a witch, Dimitri, who had been best friends with their father since way before they were born. This betrayal was even harder for Akima as she was close to Dimitri, seeing him as another part of the family. She was fascinated by his powers and would often try to create her own magic and he would use his own to pretend she was a witch as well. This unexpected betrayal caused Akima to be untrusting of all older men, except those that were related to her by blood. Her flirtatious and teasing behaviour also stems from that night, using her sexuality to try and hurt the men that show any interest in her so she won't be hurt by them in the future. The twins still have no idea why he murdered their parents.
After their parents death they were taken in by their uncle, on their mother's side, who owned the Thorne Tavern. He let them help run it as he was getting older. In 1219, their uncle died of old age and left the tavern to them, which is when they renamed it the Twin-Thorne Tavern.
They currently live and work inside of the tavern together, while she secretly searches for the man that killed their parents.


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Character Profile: Akima
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