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 Character Profile: Alice

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PostSubject: Character Profile: Alice   Sat Jun 23, 2012 5:06 am

Name: Alice Ward/Frollo
Species: Vampire
Age: 32, appears 12
Date of Birth: June, 19th 1189
Occupation: None... Does stalking innocent people for their blood counts? Q.Q
Residence: A chamber into the crypt


-Korso [Human father/Alive]
-Charlotte [Human sister/Alive]
-Wendy (Older) [Human mother/Dead]
-Belle [Human aunt/Dead]
-Tulio Benjamin Wolfe [Werewolfe cousin/Alive]
-Claude [Vampire daddy]
-Odette [Vampire sister]
-Rose [Vampire sister]

-Jim: It's her pet, and betrothed.[Vampire]
-Tzekel: Witch. Will help Alice on her dark plans. [Alive]

-Werewolves: They stink, and their bit hurt
-Witches: There is one member that is a potential danger to Alice and her pet, Jim. Miguel Antonio Carriedo.
-Humans: They think they can destroy vampires... They have guns that hurt.


Positive Traits; She's loyal to her clan, and cares about her vampire family.
Negative Traits; You mean your feelings of blood lust, rage, lust, and selfishness that is that of a child Alice? -Miguel words... She's also envious and jealous

Likes; [i]JIM! Her vampire family. She likes to feed on beautiful woman, and before eating she likes to play with her food.
Dislikes; She doesn't like eating animals, or old and sick people. She also doesn't like anyone that is a danger to her, or her family. And that includes people that can take her beloved ones away from her.

Strengths; Superior senses; excelled hearing, speed and strength. She's immortal, and has a great imagination for dark games. She's also good at playing the piano, and glams her victims with her innocent air.
Weaknesses; Skin burns in the sunlight. She posses an incessant need to feed on blood. Wood (when breaks the skin) and a herb (vervain) are effective weapons against her. A wooden stake through the heart will kill her. When she feels threatened, she can think irrationally, and gets herself vulnerable.

Alice has an appearance of a 12 years old child. She has pale skin, and blond hair that goes till half of her back. She has also red eyes, but when she's huting, she's able to turn her eyes to blue, her human eyes, so this way is easier to get closer to the victim. While she's feeding, her eyes turned into bright red.

Alice was one of Korso's children. She had three sisters, Odette, Rose and Charlottie, who she called Lottie. One night, her father told her Odette was turned into a vampire, and Alice refused to believed that. She loved Odette too much to believe she had lost her. One night, the vampires attacked the castle, and Alice saw an opportunite to see her sister again. Rose and Alice volunteered to be turned into vampires, and Claude allowed that. Alice got ecstatic when she realized she'd be with her older sisters forever, and how strong and improved her body was. She forgot all about her human life, and adopted Claude as her truly father, being loyal to him till the end. There was a time when Alice rebelled against her nature. She couldn't accept her body would never change, she'd not be like her Odette or Rose, she'd be a child for eternity. Alice started feeding only on beautiful grown women, believing she'd turn into them while feeding from them. Claude got concerned about her sadnees, and one day while they walked into the village, he turned a boy to her, Jim, and promissed him to be her betrothed. She adopted Jim as her pet, and she adores him. She is happier now than she had never been, but she still preffers on feeding at women, and sometimes when she's bothered, she likes to torture some travellers lost into the woods next to the graveyard.


Video Audition:
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Character Profile: Alice
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