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 Character Profile: Marina

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PostSubject: Character Profile: Marina   Fri Jun 29, 2012 6:26 am

Name: Marina Thorne
Species: Werewolf
Age: 24
Date of Birth: 14th of November 1200 (0:13)
Occupation: Runs a tavern in the village with Akima.
Residence: Twin-Thorne Tarvern, chambers of Marina.


- Akima: Twin sister (werewolf, alive)
- Mum: (werewolf, dead)
- Dad: (werewolf, dead)
- Uncle on her mum's side (werewolf, dead)
- Dean: Marina's uncle on her dad's side (werewolf, alive)
- Tulio: Marina's cousin (werewolf, alive)
- Jane: Marina's cousin (werewolf/witch, alive)

- Werewolves
- Sinbad: Even though he can be a pain if the ass, his personality often amuses her.

- Dimitri (witch): man who killed her parents.
- Witches: caused by Dimitri killing her parents.


Positive Traits; Loyal. Humorous. Thoughtful. Helpful. Creative. Patient.
Negative Traits; Slightly jealous. Insecure. Holds grudges.

Likes; Painting. Reading. Moonlight. Joking around and teasing. Rumors and gossip (hearing it, not spreading it).
Dislikes; Betrayal. Her own insecurity. Thunder.

Strengths; Superior senses; excelled hearing and strength. Intelligent. Can turn into a werewolf at will, but feels some pain.
Weaknesses; Silver. Her twin sister.

Marina has short brown hair. She has tanned and warm skin like typical werewolves. At the tavern she usually wears working clothes. Unlike her sister she likes wearing dresses, except for in situations where it would be too inconvient.

1200: The twins are born.
1201-1206: The clan divide. The twins are too young to understand what's going on. They aren't too affected by it.
1211, the 13th of November: The twins' mum and dad get killed by the witch, Dimitri, who used to be a close friend of their dad. Dimitri's reason for this is unknown to the twins. After the parents' death the twin's uncle on their mother's side takes them in. He owns the Thorne Tavern, but since he's getting old the twins help him run it from a young age.
1219: The twins' uncle dies from old age. The twins take over the tarven and rename it Twin-Thorne Tavern.


Video Audition:
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Character Profile: Marina
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