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 Character Profile: Esmerelda

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PostSubject: Character Profile: Esmerelda   Fri Jun 29, 2012 7:36 am

Name: Esmerelda
Species: Witch
Age: 23
Date of Birth: November 30th
Occupation: Heir to the Witch Clan / Charlotte's handmaiden
Residence: Secret Circle and Castle (living as Charlotte's handmaiden)


- Father ~ imprisoned/thought dead
- Mother ~ dead
-Ariella (aunt) ~ alive
-Tarrent (uncle) ~ alive
-Jane (cousin in law) ~ alive

- Ariella ~ her sort of adopted mother and teacher. Esme loves Ariella like she was her own mother but at times their personalities are in conflict with one another. A part of Esme also fears that if Jane was ever found that Ariella wouldn't love her anymore.

- Tarrent ~ her sort of adopted father. Esme and Tarrent love one another like family, because of this she has grown to accept the dark side to magic. But she is also the light for her uncle and tries to urge him to do the right thing.

- Charlotte ~ for her distrust of most humans, Esme enjoys Charlotte's wild nature which matches her own. Their not quite friends yet because of the distinction between master and servant (at least thats what Charlotte is to believe)

-Other Witches ~ Esme has a great love for all her clan members, and does not lord her position as heir over them. Infact she tries her best to help the others. Though that can get her into trouble sometimes when she puts her heart before her head.

-Jane ~ Esme knows that her aunt birthed a daughter but not the girls name or where she is. Being fed the information from her uncle Esme has grown up to hate Jane viewing her as a betrayal to her uncle. Not to mention the great fear in Esme that one day Jane will come back and replace her.

-Dean ~ Esme fully blames Dean for breaking up her aunt and uncle, not to mention bringing Jane into the world. Because of this she would want nothing more then to kill him the first chance that she got.

-Werewolf Clan ~ her uncles influence has skewed her perceptions against this clan. She has no great love for werewolves.


Wild and tempestuous but still caring very much the embodiment of the wind. Esmerelda has a great love for her aunt and uncle not to mention her coven. She believes herself ready for the challenge of leading the clan if only her aunt could see past her outgoing nature and realize that Esme is actually capable of being very wise. With her aunt and uncle raising her she has no judgements over light or dark magic knowing both to be capable of evil.

Positive Traits;
- Clever
- Generally Kind
- Creative
- Believes in the balance of good and evil magics
Negative Traits;
- Trickster
- Wild
- Ambitious
- Once angered, has a hard time controlling her gifts.

Likes; [i]
- Her aunt and uncle
- the witches clan
- dancing
- playing around
- learning about all sorts of magic
- the werewolf clan
- any mention of jane
- people thinking she will be a bad leader
- her aunt's nagging

- The gift of magic and specifically over the element of air.
- Esme is a truelly gifted student in magic, she has studied all her life under both Ariella and Tarrent to be the best leader she could be. Her powers are great but the strange thing is because of the influence of her teachers Esme does not favour light or dark magic making her a rare balance.
- In times of extreme emotion such as anger Esme can lose control over the gift of her element and can usually only be calmed down by someone she trusts
- Esme is not very strong physically and has to make up for it by being clever
- Esme fights the temptations to give into pure dark magic every day due to impulsive nature

- long black hair
- great emerald eyes
- dark skin
- 5'9" ft tall
- slim athletic build
- Tattoo on the small of her back, the witch clan symbol. She got it to prove her pride as a member of the clan.... her aunt wasn't too impressed

Tarrent's Genetic Niece and shall lead the circle after her Aunt Ariella if a spirit heir is not found (or dead). Her mother died during the war times and her father was imprisoned leaving Tarrent and Ariella as the only parents Esmereld would ever know. Raised by both in her infancy she grew up under their careful supervision... at a young age Esme showed her talent for magic which was both a cause of joy and worry for her aunt. Each day Esme wished to learn more and Tarrent was more then happy to teach her, but of course what he taught her threw more divides between her aunt and uncle. Esme soon began to understand that her adopted family was not as stable as she once thought. Eventually she got her uncle to tell her why, and since then she developed a great loathing for Dean and the werewolves. Because of this she really can't stand to watch her aunt and uncle argue, for how can a child know what side is right or wrong?. She inherited the element of air and uses that alongside her other circle magic. Esme grew up trying to resist the dark side due to her uncle upbringing but still has strong ties to it making her magic an odd combination of both light and dark. Though her aunt has always had a strong enough influence in her life to make sure she never slipped down the same slope as her uncle. However, Esmeralda due to the conflicting raising of her adopted family not to mention her deep connection to the element of air grew up to be wild and flighty; impulsive and getting caught up in the heat of the moment without fearing for the consequences. To help temper her wildness and to give Esme something important to due, Ariella assigned her the task of spying on the Princess Charlotte as a servant. So far Esmerelda has exceeded the expectations of this task and been able to keep herself cool around Charlotte, hoping beyond all hope that this will finally prove to Ariella that Esme is a true heir.


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Character Profile: Esmerelda
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