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 Character Profile: Dean

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Dean Romulus Wolfe


575, appears early thirties. -> 0599.

Date of Birth:
October 31st

Alpha of the Mountain Clan Wolves

Residence: The Mountains

Father: Clayton Remus Wolfe -deceased-
Mother: Sara -deceased-
Sister: Margo -deceased-
Sons: Sinbad [adopted] & Tulio
Daughter: Jane
Nieces: Akima & Marina, Odette, Rose, Alice & Charlotte
Brother-in-law: Korso

Dean also counts himself as the surrogate Uncle of Pocahontas' children and thinks of Pheobus as a brother.

~She doesn't mind Witches, but I don't think they are allies.

~Pocahontas - has been his best friend from youth. They grew up together. They know eachother better than anyone else does. They have a bond that is not questioned. Dean thinks of her as the only family he has left from his childhood.
~Pheobus - as his best friends husband, their friendship was inevitable. It's a very lad-ish relationship despite their being tensions on both parts about the others relationship with Pocahontas.

Dean has been a peace-maker his whole life. Unfortunately he has enemies but counts very few in the sense that the feeling is mutual. His only true enemy is Claude Frollo.

Korso & The Humans - as a result of the incident with Belle. The feeling is not mutual.
Sinbad - due to the fact that Sinbad hates Dean rather passionately but the feeling is not mutual

Positive Traits
He is strong of mind, heart and body. He is protective and cares deeply for his family. He loves his caln and would give his life to defend them. Although he is not well recieved and often gets himself in trouble as a result of his decisions he endevours to do what is best for everyone.

Negative Traits
He has a vile temper, he has been known to lash out at those he loves. He can be cruel to his children when they cross him and gives Tulio a hard time. He can be controlling and stubborn and narrow minded. He often lets his emotions cloud his judgement and can launch head first into a bad situation. He does not take help willingly nor does he like the thought of being cared for

He fears he will become his father. He also fears his sons will do to him what he did to his own father and his father did to his grandfather.

He is a deeply religious man and fears he will be judged and punished in this life and the next for his actions.

Storms, Thunder & Lightening, Alcohol, Sex

Squirrels, Claude Frollo, Liars, Cheats, Undue Violence, Silver, Wine and being woken up

Superior senses; excelled hearing and strength. They also possess the ability to turn into a werewolf and have an extended human life.
Silver in any form is an effective weapon against the species. Despite extended lifetimes, they are still subject to physically inflicted human deaths.

Tall, close to seven foot in height [he is the Alpha]
Dark brown eyes that become blue when - angry/aroused
Pale-skinned in comparison to most wolves
Short black hair & goatee
Wears dark colours a lot.
Likes leather.
Body is marred with scars form fights won and lost over the years
Has four distinct claw marks on his back he received from his Father

To understand Dean you must first understand his father.

Deans darkest fear is becoming his Father. Or his sons doing onto him what he did to his father. He expects it and accepts that it could happen.

Clayton Remus was the youngest of seven sons and so would never inherit the clan. He was unamused by this and as he grew up in a bigger and stronger wolf than his six brothers he felt he was the rightful heir to the clan. His father refused him and so Clayton led a revolt against him, murdering his family and taking the clan under his control.

In the early years of his rule Clayton. although ill-tempered and cruel forged an alliance with the humans. He would give them protection on the promise that they would not attack his clan.

Clayton also went about uniting the other clans under him. In dong this he wed the daughter of the long extinct forest clan, a beauty called Sara. They were mates and destined for each other.

She gave him two children Dean & Margo.

Dean was the eldest. More like his mother's family than his father's in looks but he inherited many of Clayton's qualities good and bad.

By the time Dean was ten he already had control of his wolf form no thanks to the abuse he received from his father for being small and skinny, which Clayton took for weakness.

At the age of fourteen he met his life-long friend Pocahontas with whom he has weathered every storm.

At the age of sixteen he was given a sister, Margo, who much like Pocahontas he was extremely protective of and devoted to.

As he grew up, became bigger and stronger his family life deteriorated. His father had wanted another son and since Sara could not give him another he became violent. Many nights Dean would hear his mother weep as Clayton abused her, emotionally, physically and sexually. He would brag about his acts to his son which only turned Dean's dislike for his Father into loathing.

as Margo grew older Clayton began to treat her much in the same way he did her Mother. One night Sara tried to take her children and run away but Clayton found them and murdered the two women before Dean's eyes. Dean, trying to save them fought his father but was defeated. The four long claw marks on his back which he got from the fight are a permanent reminder of his greatest failing.

When he recovered Dean murdered his father. Much to everyone's delight. His father had become insane, drunk on power and tyrannical. He was no longer acting on his senses or dong what was best for the clan.

Without Pocahontas Dean would not have grown into the strong leader he is and still relies on her heavily for support and comfort when needed. She is the only one that knows the truth about his past.

They fight very little but his affiliation with the humans and his marriage to Belle is a rift in their relationship that often causes arguements.

Now the alpha Dean faced new troubles. He maintained the long-standing alliance with the humans but also forged new ones. He continued trying to unite the wolf clans, in which he has mostly succeed. In his attempts he faced Sinbad's father a man who reminded him too much of Clayton.

He regrets killing Sinbad's father and is pained about having his Mother's blood on his hands but, he took the orphan Sinabd under his care and has loved him like a son since.

Claude Frollo, a vampire, was another allegiance he forged. He became Dean's dearest ally and almost a brother to him.

But the friendship was not to last and he blames himself for the war that unfolded.

In the years that past Dean took a wife, Korso's sister, who he grew to love but, he often fought with her, pushing her away as the fear he would do to her what Clayton did to Sara grew.

One night after a fight Belle fled with his young son Tulio and Dean gave chase to beg her to come home and forgive him but by the time he found her she was dead. Murdered by a rival wolf clan who, he is still searching for. He took his son home and raised him as best he could on his own.

After what had happened with Odette and now Belle he closed his heart off to love.

One night whilst walking Dean saw Ariella and lusted for her. That lust grew into love and she gave him a daughter, who bore a resemblance to his beloved sister. Although he has not seen Ariella since he came into the care of Jane he still loves her greatly but it is more of a memory than a feeling.

Dean is old and tired and fed up with the war. He wanted none of this and will give his own life to end it all.
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Character Profile: Dean
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