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 Character Profile: Anastasia

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PostSubject: Character Profile: Anastasia   Sat Jun 23, 2012 10:48 am

Name: Anastasia Romanov (Anya for short..)
Species: WereWolfs
Age: 20
Date of Birth: 1174, 30th of September
Occupation: Cleaning lady at the castle, but only the day shift..
Residence: A log cabin in the Village


. Mother (DEAD)
. Father (DEAD)

. Jane
. Ehm.. I think I'll improve this later! XD

. Everyone who mess with her is an enemy.. no care which specie he is..


Positive Traits;
. She's strong and never gives up, but she can understand when it's over..
. She likes to keep her house clean, try to dirty something and you'll regret it!

Negative Traits;
. Sometimes she doesn't spoke when it's necessary, she prefers to stay mute than talk..
. She's stubborn..

. Apples..
. Listening good music (especially the sound of violin..)
. The snow..
. Sunny days..

. The rain (because it brings mud and dirties everything..)
. Naive people..
. Vegetables..

. All the WereWolves strenghts..
. She's a good runner..
. She's able to fight using a rod..

. All the WereWolves weakness..
. Not good fighting hand to hand.. she prefers to have at least a weapon in her hands..

Anya is tall 1.75 m, she has red hair and brown eyes that turn into red when she becomes a WereWolf..
The scar of the bite is still visible on her arm but she prefers to keep it hidden.. Infact she usually wears big coat and shirts with long sleeves, but if it's summer she uses a long glove only on that arm.. And she always wears a hat, a Basque to be exactly..

1174 .. A married couple who came from a foreign kingdom, ignoring the advices of the people of the Village, built their home near the Forsaken Forest.. a simple home.. with a vegetable garden and some hens... They were simply humans, nothing more.. all they wanted was an happy family, with one or maybe two kids.. that's all..
After nine months their dreams came true.. They had a baby, a daughter.. who's name was Anastasia, in memory of her grandmother..

1182 .. Eight years passed.. Anya grew up loved by her parents and by the quiet of her home.. her life was simple.. she helped her mother to clean up, cook and sometimes she also helped her father in the garden.. normal things for a girl of eight years old..
But during a night of full moon an herd of WereWolf came down from the forest.. probably because of the last dryness and attacked the Romanov's hens.. Anya's father woke up followed by his wife who came to see if Anya was ok.. Meanwhile her father went out in the courtyard and saw the Wolves that were killing everything.. He ran over to chase them out of his propriety unaware of the fact they were WereWolfs.. When he came closer to them with his pitchfork a wolf, the alpha, jumped on him and attacked him leaving no way to escape..
In the same moment, Anya and her mother where hidden in the house praying for their and her father's safety.. one more scream and then nothing.. Anya's mother woke up from the place.. Was it ended? She looked out from the window, the only thing that she saw was the dead body of her beloved husband on the ground in a pool of blood.. she screamed but covered it with her hands when she saw that the WereWolves weren't gone.. they were still in the farm.. probaby they were already in the house.. With her heart who was beating fast she took Anya's hand and together they left the house without making any sound.. Unfortunately the Wolves followed their smell and catched them when they were running to the Village.. Anya's mother took her in her arms and started to run faster.. a wolf bited her leg making her fall and lose her little daughter, who didn't know anything about the real danger.. The wolves runned towards Anya and took her biting her arm.. Her mother was desperate, she ran towards the Village for some help to find her daughter and catch the Wolves.. After almost five weeks of search the only thing they could found was a shoes.. Everyone said that the little girl was dead, no possibilty to save her... Her mother couldn't handle the death of her whole family in only a night and killed herself after a month from that night..
But what they didn't know was that the girl survived at that night... The case wanted that the Wolves that attacked them were a rival clan from Dean's and that night they attacked them a moment before that they were going to kill Anya..
That night she was turned into a WereWolf and saved by Dean and his clan.. This is why she's not able to change at will, because she was turmed "only" 42 years ago.. ((I think.. XD ))

1224 .. Everybody has forgotten the silly family who lived near the forest almost 50 years ago.. now you can't even see the ruins of their house, hidden under grass and ivy.. nobody remember the little girl killed by the wolves.. the perfect place for Anya.. Here she has a new life, a job and some friends..

((If there's anything to change tell me! ^^ ))


Video Audition:

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PostSubject: Re: Character Profile: Anastasia   Sat Jun 30, 2012 8:55 pm

Finish!! Very Happy Very Happy
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Character Profile: Anastasia
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