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 Character profile: Ariella

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PostSubject: Character profile: Ariella   Sat Jun 23, 2012 8:11 am

Name: Ariella
Species:[/] Witch clan
75 years old but appears to be about 40.
Date of Birth: January 12th 1942
Occupation: Leader of the witches and head of the secret circle.
Residence: Chambers of Asenath (i think)


-Tzekel, her husband. A long time ago when Tzekel and Ariella were first wed as a couple things in the circle ran smoothly, but Ariella had yet to produce an heir. On top of that important fact Ariella had no feelings for her husband, while over the years Tzekel had begun to fall for Ariella and her practical yet gentle ways. In result, after forming an alliance with the werewolves Ariella and Dean began to spend time together, resulting in them making love and shaming Tzekel. Not to mention Ariella's illegitimate child, Jane, whom was sent to live with the werewolves. Ever since Tzekel and Ariella have been cold and territorial toward one another and Ariella is forced to strip him of any leader priviliges he had before her affair.

-Jane, her daughter with Dean. Ariella had an affair with Dean, a werewolf, and later gave birth to Jane. As Tzekel was her wife, he was furious and sought to kill the child, so Ariella sent Jane away to live with the werewolves where her father could care for her. Jane does not know of the existence of her mother and this saddens Ariella, as jane is the most precious thing in her world and she is unable to raise her. At some point Jane will be told of her witch heritage and return to the clan to lead the secret circle after her mother.

-Esmerelda, her niece in law. Esmeralda is very unlike Ariella which makes it difficult for them to understand each other. Additionally she will someday rule the witch clan if Jane does not, which would be dangerous for Ariella and Jane since
Esmeralda has a much closer relationship with her uncle and Tzekel could manipulate her in her rule.

-Ariella is allied with the werewolves and so are many of the witches, all except for her husband.
-Ariella abstains from harming the vampires because of their youngest additions, Odette, Rose, and Alice.
-Dean was Ariella's past lover. (alive)
-Tulio is the brother of her daughter Jane, making her kind towards him. (alive)

-Ariella rivals the humans as they are rash and unwise in their decisions. *in her opinion*
-Tzekel, her husband and enemy since she had an affair with Dean. (alive)
-Alice will try to harm Miguel, making her a rival of Ariella. (alive/undead)


Positive Traits; Ariella is practical and organized. She often talk with many unique words and she is very brave. Ariella can see the good in anyone, but can sense the bad as well.
Negative Traits; Ariella can become too strict and hates to waste time in any way.

Ariella is very brave and has a wide vocabulary, her thoughts are practical as well as her words. Ariella hates to pass time pointlessly and can be very strict.

Likes; [i] Ariella loves fruit, and she likes someone to be caring and considerate.
Dislikes; Ariella can't stand meat and is a vegetarian. Ariella hates it when a person is too rash and never thinks about their actions before carrying them through.

Strengths; Ariella is good at planning, as well as guessing what a person will do beforehand so as to ready herself with plans of her own. Ahe is also a witch of the spirit element, making her powerful in all elements as well as giving her the ability to heal minor wounds, but healing drains her energy so she saves it for the worst case scenario.
Weaknesses; Ariella isn't good at hiding her feelings around people she knows well, as she hates to hide them from them. Ariella can't produce light. If she is trapped in darkness she would probably never get out.

Ariella has long, wavy red hair, that she puts up only for council meetings. (i fudged that) Ariella has sea-blue eyes and a pale, creamy complexion. She is of medium height and has a bright smile. Lastly she has tattoo of a lily on her cheek that is shiny and metallic, and is only visible when it catches the light from a certain angle. The tattoo is printed only on the faces of spirit users.

Ariella became leader of the witches after her mother died a mysterious and untraceable death. She had been twenty years old but looked to be about ten. Ariella married Tzekel, her betrothed at age 40, (appeared 20) and they were unable to have children. Ariella had an affair with Tzekel when she was 52, (appeared 30) and gave birth to her child Jane. Tzekel was furious with Dean and Ariella and having already banned werewolf and witch contact, Ariella struggled past her husband and smuggled Jane to Dean, where he could raise her without knowing her mother exists. Due to Jane never have used her powers, she aged as a normal human girl and not in witch years. Ariella spends all of her time plotting against Tzekel to retrive Jane and allow her rule the circle with her spirit element fresh in her hands.


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Character profile: Ariella
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