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 Character Profile: Rolfe

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PostSubject: Character Profile: Rolfe   Mon Jun 25, 2012 7:18 am

Name: John Rolfe
Species: Vampire
Age: Appears to be 28, but is 217 total. [Has been a vampire for 189 years.]
Date of Birth: May 21st, 1007.
Occupation: Member of the town council.
Residence: Crypt.


-Sister named Kayley; is as alive as a vampire can be, but is comatose.
-The rest of the family is dead or forgotten.

-Frollo; the leader of the clan, Rolfe answers directly to him.

-Witches; he blames the general population of them for the curse on his sister.
-No current individual rivals or enemies, still need to plot.


Positive Traits; He is gentlemanly, charming, and honorable.
Negative Traits; A bit of a snob due to his high lifestyle, and a bit overconfident. Doesn't always show his true emotions.
Rolfe is a gentleman, first and foremost. He respects women, and treats them delicately, even when killing them to drink their blood. He is in control of himself and his emotions, a trait present since birth, but was greatly reinforced in him by Frollo. He can be very hard to read, while at the same time making his ideals transparent to those around him. However, over the years that he's spent with Claude in Aevus, he's grown a bit snobbish, though not arrogantly so. He sometimes seems a bit too confident in himself when he carries out orders on Claude's behalf, though it hasn't gotten him into much, if any, trouble... yet.

Likes; Blood. He especially cares for the blood of young women, and makes as little of a mess as possible when feeding from them. He prefers the company of aristocrats and wealthy people, but doesn't dislike or disrespect commoners.
Dislikes; He greatly dislikes those who mistreat their loved ones, and has personally and discreetly made sure that anyone in his circle that has done this, has learned their lesson. He especially dislikes the ones who are repeated offenders, or intimidate their families into lying about it.

Strengths; Rolfe spent nearly all of his life, mortal and immortal, sketching Kayley's likeness, so he is a talented artist. He would never admit to it, but he has sketched her, and even painted her portrait, thousands of times, and that is just since she fell under the curse. It is his way of keeping her conscious with him, and to express the grief over the loss of her companionship. He is also skilled in chess, and likes to match wits with the council members after meetings. He is fond of playing chess with Frollo's daughters, as well. (OOC: Hoping you guys don't mind. I can change that if you wish.) He possesses superior senses; excelled hearing, speed and strength. Also possesses immortality unless stabbed through the heart with a stake.
Weaknesses; He tells himself that if it weren't for Kayley, he never would have climbed as high up in society as he had in Aevus. However, even with this being true, Kayley is his ultimate weakness just as much as she is his strength. He would do anything for her, because the thought of her being harmed or captured is nearly too much for him to bear. He avoids this topic whenever possible, because he doesn't wish to think about the possibility of betraying Frollo to save her life, if he were ever put into that scenario. He would be at war with himself constantly, if he thought about it too much. Skin burns in the sunlight unless he possesses a ring spelled by a witch, which he obtained through Frollo. Also possesses the incessant need to feed on blood. Wood (when breaks the skin) and a herb (vervain) are effective weapons against him. A wooden stake through the heart will kill him.

He has long brown hair that is always kept into a neat ponytail when in public or in the presence of Frollo. He is pale, with the trademark red eye of a vampire. He has learned how to keep his eyes their original blue in the presence of humans, having been trained specifically by Frollo in order to become a council member. He dresses in the finest clothes, day and night, but adopts a more casual look when relaxing, or visiting Kayley, because he fears that when she wakes up, she may not recognize him if he dressed too differently than the last time she saw him.

John and Kayley Rolfe were born to an upper-middle-class family in Russia, as the second and third children, John being six years older than her. The family was not wealthy, but they were privileged, and taught to be thankful for their upbringing. However, the stress of supporting a wife and three children was great upon the father, who took up heavy drinking to compensate when John and Kayley were around ten and four. He and his sister spent many nights together with their older brother in their bed, holding each other while their father went on drunken rampages through the house, often striking his wife.

After years of rough childhood, the oldest son died of sickness, leaving Rolfe to not only protect himself, but Kayley, as well, which he was more than capable of doing. Eventually, after a few years, he had gotten a job and a place all his own, away from his father, and Kayley went with him. They lived together for several more years, into their twenties.

Upon Kayley turning twenty-two, the two were invited back to stay for a bit at their parents' home, under the mother's claim that the father had stopped drinking and was now the good man he used to be. So the two went to visit, hoping for the best. Things were quiet, at first, like Rolfe barely remembered, but after only two days, their father was drunk and screaming, just like before, but this time, he was swinging the fire stoker. Rolfe managed to get Kayley in an old hiding spot in the closet beneath the stairs, just before fending his father off.

His memories of the rest of that day have been hazy, but a few things were still clear in his mind. A strange man had broken into the home during the fight and had killed his parents, then had bitten him before he could tell Kayley to run. He remembered little of the events that led to him and Kayley's choices to become vampires, and hardly remembers the transformation. But after only several short lessons on the very basic survival tips for their new bodies, the vampire that turned them disappeared. He and Kayley spent the better portion of two hundred years travelling Europe, both learning all kinds of languages, including French, and English. Rolfe learned to speak with no Russian accent whatsoever, while Kayley still had a hint of it which she constantly practiced to get rid of.

Upon entering Aevus, they were running short on money, and had been staying in various places in the town. After a few weeks of lying low, a spirit witch suddenly came to the room they had rented, angrily accusing Kayley of killing her sister, because witnesses said that a female vampire had done it while a male vampire simply watched. But no matter how Rolfe and Kayley argued that they had been nowhere near the place of her sister's death when the murder occurred, the witch would not hear reason. So she, blinded and deafened by grief and the need for vengeance, placed a curse upon Kayley, rendering her into an indefinite slumber. She told Rolfe that it was his punishment as much has it was hers, because he had done nothing to stop Kayley from killing her sister, so it was an eye for an eye. Kayley fell into her slumber in Rolfe's arms, him being the last thing she saw before her eyes closed for what might be forever.

Rolfe spent the following several days tracking down the real killers of the witch's sister, but before he could bring them to the witch, he discovered she had taken her own life. He was distraught, because he knew of no other spirit witches, and didn't know where to start, but before he could do anything to the vampires, himself, Frollo found him, offering a proposition: He would provide Rolfe a permanent residence, and a safe place for his sister to sleep, in exchange for Rolfe working for him. He agreed, and Frollo took care of the vampires who had caused the whole mess with Rolfe and Kayley. Rolfe became his assistant, and was trained under his wing for years, eventually looking up to him almost as a father-figure. He had been his assistant for nearly two decades when Frollo turned Odette into a vampire, so, in his own way, he's come to think of the three daughters as his young sisters. But his heart will always remain with Kayley, for she was there with him, always.


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Character Profile: Rolfe
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