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 Character Profile: Pocahontas

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PostSubject: Character Profile: Pocahontas   Thu Jun 28, 2012 4:07 am



562, appears mid-20s. -> 0599.
-same age as Dean-

Date of Birth:
November 4th

Dean's chief advisor

Residence: Lives wherever Dean lives due to she grew up with him. XD

Husband: Pheobus
Oldest daughter: Eliowny
Youngest daughter: Lilo
A older sister: -do not know who will be her though.-

Her mother and father are no longer in her life.

- Allies
~She doesn't mind Witches, but I don't think they are allies.
- Friends
~Pheobus - He is her husband after all!
~Eliowny - Her oldest daughter.
~Lilo - Her youngest daughter.
~Dean - She grew up with him, and has been his best friend since.
~Tulio - She is a mother figure to Tulio. Though she also finds him as a friend due to he is not her son.
~Jane - She is also a mother figure to Jane as well. And also finds her as a friend due to she is not her real daughter.


Positive Traits
She is motherly to those who need it. And she is nice, mysterious, and a fighter.
Negative Traits
She gets a little temper when someone insults her, or tries to control her. And if she gets overly mad, she has to try to control her wolf side.

Meat, bread, berries, and apples.

Cooked meat, but will eat it if she is in need for food.

Superior senses; excelled hearing and strength. They also possess the ability to turn into a werewolf and have an extended human life.
Silver in any form is an effective weapon against the species. Despite extended lifetimes, they are still subject to physically inflicted human deaths.

Bright blue eyes due to her wolf form.
A blue necklace
Long strong legs
Has long black hair
A tattoo on her left arm.
Sometimes will have blue paint on her cheeks.

When Pocahontas was born, her parents were upset they didn't get a son. They had wanted a son after her oldest sister had been born. And because of this, they trained Pocahontas when she grew up to be a fighter. And treat her as if she was a son. But they also made sure she knew she was a girl.

She also had met Dean when she was four, and they stayed friends ever since. Since he seemed to look at her as a girl, and didn't try to treat her as a male. Something her parents were kind of known for.

Though when Pocahontas got older, and she was able to change into her werewolf form, her father got more aggressive. And at times would beat, bite and abuse Pocahontas in his wolf form. And when this happened, she ran off and hide so no one will notice she wasn't the happy like she usually is.

Because of this, her mother kept her sister away. Not letting her help her, but Pocahontas knew her sister loved her, and hated what she saw.

But, one time when she hid, Dean had found her and didn't let her dance around the subject. He somehow knew there was something wrong, and wouldn't let her lie to him. And she told him how her father beated her, and had always beat her when she messed up, or he just didn't like seeing a daughter in front of him. Which made Dean comfort her, and helped her with her training in quiet.

And when she was strong due to her father, and Dean's help. She had to fight her father due to his father had done the same to him.

She didn't want to fight him since she did know some of his weaknesses.. Such as a bad ankle, and bad wrist. And she knew she was stronger then him. But when he suddenly attacked her when she protested, she used his weaknesses against him. And won the battle, but she was badly beaten due to sometimes her father was winning.

When the battle was over, her father yelled at her, saying how he wished she was a son. A son would've been stronger, and wouldn't let him once get to him.

At this Pocahontas yelled back at him, telling him how she let him get her sometimes because she didn't want to hurt him. And how she had enough of him, and her mother. She told him how he was no longer her father, and her mother was no longer her mother. And how wrong they had treated her just because she wasn't a son.

After this her sister tried to stop her from running off, and Pocahontas told her how she will still see her, and that she loved her. But she just couldn't live with parents who don't love her, when she loves them so much. She then ran off and lived by herself. Though Dean, her bestest friend was now by her side. Helping her grow up when she needed it, and helped her hunt when she wasn't in the greatest of shapes. And Pocahontas returned the caring gestured.

When Pocahontas was an adult, she met Pheobus. A man who was caring, nice, and strong. He had came to her when she was upset due to a incident that had just happened. A incident that made her ashamed of her being a werewolf.

Pheobus had comforted Pocahontas, and told her how everything would be alright. And after that, they hung out. And they slowly started to fall in love. But didn't get together until three years later after their meeting.

Though during that time, she had a still born. And her world fell apart. And Pheobus had to comfort her through the whole process. Due to she felt like a failure, a pathetic failure.

This broke Pheobus' heart, he was seeing the love of his life. The woman who had given him so much, crying where they slept. And he didn't think of her as a failure, it was a horrible thing that had happened. And it wasn't her fault. It was never the mother's fault when that happened.

And on the second night of Pocahontas' being depressed. He laid next to her, and told her how none of this was her fault. It was something that wasn't suppose to be. And there was probably a reason why the spirits took their little son. And that she is a wonderful mother.

This caused Pocahontas to look at her husband, and snuggled into his chest and cried on his chest. While he held her in his arms, and slowly cried as well. Something he hadn't done due to he wanted to be strong for his wife. But found that he needed to cry, he needed to mourn with his lover in order to get through this.


Pheobus then gave her, her first daughter a year later: Eliowny after they had gotten married. And they were happy that they had a beautiful, baby girl. And raised her as a daughter, something Pocahontas vowed to do if she had a daughter. And was happy that Pheobus shared the same views as her with treating daughters as daughters, and sons as sons.

And when Eliowny was four, they had mated again. And Pocahontas got pregnant with a baby girl. And was able birth the little girl with no problems. And was overjoyed when the little girl opened her eyes and looked up at her mother. They named this baby girl, Lilo. And raised her just liked they raised Eliowny.

A Happy family!

-there are other plots that are not included in this due to it's a surprise! Cool Wink -

Video Audition:

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Character Profile: Pocahontas
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