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 Character Profile: Helga

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PostSubject: Character Profile: Helga    Wed Jun 27, 2012 12:16 pm

Name: Helga Lydia Ross
Species: Humans
Age: 36
Date of Birth: 9/Septemper/1188
Occupation: Second in Command to Korso
Residence: Castle Court


- Lydia(Mother) - Deceased

-The Human Clan, with a keen interest of the Werewolves.

-Dean, who she respects and acts particularly kind to in secret hopes of becoming a werewolf.
-Korso, whose side she's been by since the beginning. She knows they both have similar intentions, especially when it comes to the Vampires, and considers him a strong ally and someone to respect.
-Charlotte, who she knows it is important to protect considering she is Korso's last human daughter and therefore very important to him. She is also the next in line for the humans.
-Ping/Mulan, who she sees excellent potential in when it comes to fighting, though she knows to remain cautious.

-Vampires | Hates the whole species and wishes to rid the world of them|
-Suspicious of the Witches


Positive Traits; Loyal to her species and determined in protecting them. She is ready to lay down her life for her beliefs.
Negative Traits; Secretly obsessive about the werewolves, hostile and violent to almost every member of the other clans besides Humans and Werewolves. Stubborn, bitter, and not ta all quick to forgive. She isn't at all one to change her mind about any judgements she's made about the other clans.

Likes; [i] Chicken, beef, peaches and strawberries are her favorite foods. She admires anyone with a strong sense of loyalty and an air of cleverness.
Dislikes; Hates coconut, but she knows to eat whatever she can get if times get rough. She also despises naivety, as it often leads to foolishness.

Strengths; Very handy with a gun when she can get her hands on one, and able to think ahead and calculate to the next move in battle.
Weaknesses; Her obsessions, both with destroying vampires and becoming a werewolves, might often get in the way of daily life and may be a distraction.

Blonde hair, usually in a braid or pulled back to prevent from getting in her way. Rather tall with toned muscles and a tattoo of a stake on her left shoulder blade. She knows to keep in shape, considering her line of work.

Helga's father left her and her mother when she was young, so she barely remembers the man. Any ideas about him were gained from her mother's stories. Lydia was killed in a battle with vampires, which began Helga's hatred for them. After meeting Korso, that hatred only solidified and she vowed to destroy them. Then, a few years later, she spotted a werewolf on the outskirts of the Forest and has been obsessed with them ever since.


Video Audition:
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Character Profile: Helga
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