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 Character Profile: Korso // incomplete

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PostSubject: Character Profile: Korso // incomplete   Mon Jun 25, 2012 5:28 am

Name: Korso Ward
Species: Human
Age: 59 (just to make him more fit in terms of defending himself xD)
Date of Birth: 16th December, 1165
Occupation: Leader of the Humans
Residence: Castle


- Wendy, Wife, Dead
- Charlotte, Youngest Daughter, Alive
- Odette, Oldest Daughter, Dead/ Vampire
- Rose, Daughter, Dead/ Vampire
- Alice, Daughter, Dead/ Vampire
- Belle, Sister, Dead
- Tulio, Nephew, Alive/ Werewolf

- Allied with the Human clan, and the Human clan only. Is highly suspicious/ dislikes the other clans, in particular the Vampires.

- Charlotte, his last remaining daughter who he swears to protect with his life, unlike his other daughters who he believed failed him. She has remained loyal and for that he trusts her, however he will always remain suspicious and over-protective of her and any desire she has to leave the castle.
- Helga, who he sees as a strong member of the humans. He believes they share similar desires to remove the other races, and her power in terms of sheer strength means he knows she is valuable as an ally.
- Ping/ Mulan, who are also valued members of the clan, even if their younger age means he is more wary of trusting them alone with important missions. However so far they have proved themselves dedicated and loyal, and therefore he values their alliance.

- Has a strong hatred for the Vampires, who he saw destroy his entire family. He also has a disliking for the Werewolves, since they killed his sister. He does not trust their leader, Dean, after what happened in the past. The Witches have little to do with Korso, but Korso has come to learn that anything that is not human should not be trusted and only viewed as an abomination, and therefore he is obviously suspicious of them also.

- Claude, who took his children away from him. He betrayed his trust and is nothing but a hated enemy in Korso's eyes, and one he so dearly would love to kill alongside every other member of his clan.
- Odette, Rose, Alice, his daughters who chose to leave him and never looked back. He cannot forgive their betrayal and therefore does not want to speak of them again.
- Dean, who he blames not only for his sisters death but also for his betrayal with his daughters.


Positive Traits; Strong leadership which enables him to mantain rule and position, level-headed and practical, intelligent
Negative Traits; Over-protective of his remaining daughter, stubborn and won't change his attitudes and predujices easily, bitter, has a fowl temper which he takes out on members of his court
Korso has grown from a brave and arrogant young man, to a bitter and ever tiring old one. The loss of his daughters and wife, and the constant strain of war, are finally have his toll on him, and he is becoming more and more wary of the costs his decisions have. He is also increasingly bitter and mistrustful, doubting everyone he has not learnt to trust. He will protect what he has left with his life, but he is also constantly wary on the lack of an heir and the need to protect the human kingdom before they become all but extinct.

Likes; Chess, Hunting, Hog Roast, Wine, Blackberries

Strengths; Korso was trained from a young age as he was to become leader, and therefore has developed hunting and warfare skills, as well as intelligence which is reflected in his games of Chess. He has a multitude of practise with weapons, mostly specialising in melee and firearms rather than archery. He has full knowledge of how to hunt the different species, and the castle is heavily guarded in case any attempt to enter.
Weaknesses; Anything your character is bad at from hobbys to mental skill. Also include Species' Weaknesses.

How your character appears and any specific details that make your character's appearance unique; any scars, tatoos, etc.

Korso was brought up knowing he was heir to the humans, and therefore would always become leader. He only had one sibling, Belle his sister, and they were close on some level. However he always prided himself upon his role in the family line, and was often occupied with his training at a young age whilst she was taught what was expected of a woman.
At 15 he was married to Wendy, at at 16 he had his first daughter Odette. This was followed by Rose at 20 and Alice at 24. He treasured all his children, as well as his wife, although there was always the concern of producing an heir. Aged 27 Wendy died in childbirth having Charlotte, and grief-stricken Korso became more distant from his family.


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Character Profile: Korso // incomplete
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