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 Character Profile: Tzekel

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PostSubject: Character Profile: Tzekel    Sat Jun 23, 2012 5:55 am

Name: Tezkel Hailwell
Species: Witch
Age: Appears to be 30-35, actually 56.
Date of Birth: Dec. 2nd, 1166
Occupation: Used to be second within the Secret Circle, now he is doing things on his own.
Residence: In a hidden cabin within the Secret Circle.


-Esmeralda [Niece/Alive]; Tezkel's treasured jewel. Esmeralda was his brother's daughter, and began to take care of her after his brother passed. She is the only one that can help him stay alive inside, even though he doesn't use his white magic anymore. If anything were to happen to Esmeralda, Tezkel would completely lose it and forever be on the dark side of magic. She is the only thing keeping his sane.

-Ariella [Wife/Alive]; An arranged marriage, something Tezkel never wanted; but not long after the two wedded Tezkel started to have natural feelings for her. He actually fell in love with her, but their was a strain in their marriage; the failure to provide an heir for the clan. During the time, an alliance was made with the werewolves; and Ariella hit it off with Dean. After finding out of her Pregnancy, Tezkel was thrilled, only to find out the kid wasn't his. He took over the Circle for the nine months Ariella was pregnant with Dean's child. He took that time to sever all ties with the werewolves, and make it so strained for the two clans ever to be allies again. After that he slowly lost his will for white magic, and fought hard to stay in his element with the wind, but darkness over took him. Soon after Ariella had Jane and noticed what all wrong turns the clan had taken, she stripped him of his position of second in the Circle; and left him. Well not really, the two are just never in the same room or place at the same time, because he feels its his fault inside that she had to cheat on him.

-Jane [Step-Daughter/Alive]; Tezkel tried to work with Ariella at first, when she was pregnant with Jane; but his hatred for the fetus grew and grew with every passing month. After the child was born, he wanted to kill her; but Ariella found a way to make that not happen, and get her away by giving her to Dean to raise. Years have passed and his obsession of killing her hasn't stopped. He is determined to find her and kill her, to show Ariella the pain she caused him. He has no idea what she looks like, or if she is still alive. She is who began his dabble into the dark side, and his obsession has led that dabble into a full out fall into the dark.

-Alice; Sneaking little vampire. He is ready to help her with anything, devilish minds think alike. He sees her as a little sister that he would do anything for.

-Jim; He feels sorry for the kid, being betrothed to wed someone he doesn't love. He sees his younger self inside this vampire and actually likes him.

-Ariella; Ever since her Affair, and him blaming himself for not being able to please her by producing a child with her. The two have not been in a room together since the birth of Jane. She brings out the worst in him, and he brings out the worst in her.

-Dean; Along with his obsession to kill Jane, Dean is next. Dean caused him to loose everything, and he is going to make him pay. He wants to show Ariella the pain she caused him by sleeping with Dean and bearing his child. He wants to make Ariella's life hell, and by killing both Jane and Dean, maybe then she would realize it was a wrong idea to cross him.

-Jane; He doesn't even know if she is alive, but when he finds her; he will kill her. She is the reason, in his mind, of all his hatred of Ariella. He thinks that if she's dead, and her father is to. That he will finally get Ariella back, but that is only in his mind.


Positive Traits; Loving, Gentle, and Kind, to some people.
Negative Traits; Ruthless, Relentless, and Obsessive.

Likes; Dark Magic, Sweets, and most foods. His niece, Esmeralda.
Dislikes; Ariella with a passion, although he is still in love with her. The Werewolf clan. Humans.

Strengths; Wisdom, though he seldom uses it. He is very skillful in witchcraft. His power of hatred.
Weaknesses; Ariella, he can't stop loving her; and he still at times follows her orders as they are for the best of the clan. Esmeralda, his pride and joy, if anyone was to take her from him; he would loose it. Obsession.

Tezkel has naturally black eyes, but they are slowly turning pitch black from his dabbling into dark magic. He has two facial tattoos; one on his chin and one underneath his eyes. He always has a pendent around his neck, that has Ariella and Esmeralda's names on the back. He has tried to get rid of it, but he just can't seem to rid himself of his pendent. His hair is a natural dark brown, almost black color.

Husband of Ariella and Uncle to Esmeralda. After the incident with Ariella and Dean, he has become corrupted by sin and power. His eyes are generally dark due to his excessive use of black magic and he barely utilizes his white or air element magic anymore. He is obsessed with destruction and his ultimate goal is to destroy Dean and Jane, as in doing so, he believes he is protecting the one last thing he holds dear from the pain he felt, Esmeralda. That is the single last piece of humanity within his empty soul.


Video Audition:
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Character Profile: Tzekel
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