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 Character Profile: Miguel [Not Done]

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PostSubject: Character Profile: Miguel [Not Done]   Sat Jun 23, 2012 4:12 am

Name: Miguel Antonio Carriedo
Species: Witches
Age: Twenty-Three
Date of Birth: June 21, 1201
Occupation: Seer for the Witches and 'travelling' Bard


- Parents Unknown [Alive or Dead Unknown]

-Jim: He's a spy fo Witches and gives Miguel vital information. He loves the Vampire, but is too afraid of rejection to say anything. [Undead]
-Ariella: She is the head of the circle and has the complete trust and respect of Miguel [Alive]
-Jane: Daughter of Ariella, and the rightful heir to the Circle. Miguel won't accept anyone else as heir while she's alive. [Alive]

-Vampires: They are cruel and unnatural. Except for Jim of course.
-Alice: Jim's fiance and a cruel vampire. An obstacle between Jim and Miguel [Undead]


Positive Traits; Happy, Friendly, Optimistic, Caring, Creative
Negative Traits; Can loose focus (mainly when a vision takes place), Stubborn, Impulsive
Miguel is a pretty happy-go-lucky guy.

Likes; Music, Dancing, Flowers, Water, Cherries, Jim, Twilight, Star Gazing, Good News/Omens, Festivals
Dislikes; Violence, Alice, Dark Magic, Bad News/Omens, Pessimists, Spiders, Peppers

Strengths; Water type magic, foreseeing the future, playing the lute, singing, dancing, White Magic
Weaknesses; Dark Magic,

Miguel has longish blonde hair that goes to just above his shoulders. He possesses facial hair that is a golden color, darker than the cornflower color of his hair. His eyes are a steel blue color, that sometimes lighten up if he's in a really good mood. Average height for any male with a healthy weight for a man his age. Not much muscle but what is there is lean. His skin is a peach color. He has a small scar over his right eyebrow that is hard to see, especially since the eyebrow has grown over it now.

Miguel was nothing but an abandoned infant on the door steps of an orphanage in a village in Spain. With only an embroided handkerchief with the insignia M.Carriedo and a strange blue triangle symbol as a clue to his identity. The blonde boy was nothing more than just another mouth to feed in the eyes of the caretakers, but still they took the child in and raised him just as they did with the other unwanted children. They gave him the name Miguel, a fitting M name to go with the handkerchief, along with the surname. His middle name after a caretaker the had recently passed on.

The first two years of his life were simply as any child in such an early development. But upon the age of three, things began to change for the blonde child. Occasionally strange things happened when the child was near water and he began to have very realistic dreams. Dreams that left him feeling deja vu the following days. When he turned five, he began to see things in the water. Images no one else could see. The caretakers grew worried that something was wrong with the boy, that he was insane or possessed by evil spirits. Out of fear and worry for themselves and the other children, they casted him out and the boy was left to fend for himself on the streets, with only the handkerchief from the day he was found with as his possession.

Upon his first night, Miguel dreamed of a man playing beautiful music and a kind smile that seemed to say everything was going to be ok. Four days later, the starving and now dirty child heard the same beautiful music and followed it until he spotted a man sitting in the town square. People surrounded him, some tossing coins as the song played. Miguel curiously crept closer and just as the song ended, the boy saw the face to be of the man from his dream. As people began to drift away, the boy remained and just stared. It wasn't long before the man noticed him and began to strike a conversation with the lad. During this, Miguel reveled how he was casted out because of his weird dreams. One of which told the boy of the man. The stranger was silent as he took it all in before giving a grin. "Surely your dreams are a sign." was all the man said an told the boy he was allowed to accompany him on his journeys. And without a thought, Miguel followed after the man.

Over the years, the two traveled around Spain and then to other foreign countries. The man, who revealed his name to be Lovino, raised Miguel like his own son and taught the child about music and dance, as well as to read and write. As they traveled, Miguel practiced the lute and soon joined Lovino in his performances at the towns they visited too. When he was thirteen, he was playing just as well perhaps even better than his mentor. It was also at this time that they came to Aevus. It was a beautiful kingdom, though there were troubles that went bump in the night. Miguel's dreams also began to tell him of a place hidden away from the village and of a woman with red hair, and always ending with the symbol from his handkerchief. When he told Lovino of this, the man gave him a sad but caring smile and told Miguel to follow after this place, for it must have been important. "Just as your dreams led you to me, it must be leading you to another place you now belong. I'm afraid we part here my son." A heartfelt and sad farewell was said between them before the blond headed off to the woods, with only a small sack of clothes, his lute, and the handkerchief as his possessions.

He traveled through the woods for days, trying to find this place he was meant to be. His dreams kept showing him the same things, only now and again giving him landmarks he would find the next day. Whenever he stopped by a river, the water would show him images of where to go next. It was all strange, like walking in a dream, but Miguel trusted his instincts, in his dreams, and continued his journey. The end result was finding the location of the Witches. At first, it was a man with raven hair that had spotted him and instantly gave mistrust. But when the red haired woman form his dreams appeared, Miguel was quick to reveal why he was there, what had brought him to that place. It wasn't until he showed the handkerchief that he was believed to belong there, the woman revealing to him that he was a Witch. And if what he said about dreams were true, then he had a unigue gift. Since then, Miguel as lived with them. Though he occasionally traveled back to the village to play his music. He hid his identity of a Witch and portrayed as simply as a travelling bard. And when war began to increase between the species, he was more determined to hide that fact. Only the Vampire spy Jim knew who he really was, and over the time of spending together, Miguel began to develop feelings for the young man. A love that Miguel has feared would end poorly for him so he has kept silent on his feelings.


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Character Profile: Miguel [Not Done]
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