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 Character profile Tulio

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PostSubject: Character profile Tulio   Fri Jun 22, 2012 11:53 pm

Name: Tulio Benjamin Wolfe
Species: Werewolf
Age: 20
Date of Birth: 14 th of february 1204
Occupation: -
Residence: Secret caves in the mountains


-Dean, father
-Belle, mother (dead) He doesn't know anything else about her but that she died and how she died.
-Jane, sister
- Korso, uncle, He doesn't know he is his uncle
- Aurora, cousin, doesn't know anything about
-Alice,cousin, doesn't know anything about
- Odette, cousin, doesn't know anything about
- Charlotte, cousin, doesn't know anything about
-Marina, cousin, cousin from fathers side
-Akima, cousin, cousin from fathers side

- Marina
- Anya



Positive Traits; Loyal, serious
Negative Traits; Very head strong, it can get out of hand sometimes
He has had to grow up fast, so he is serious for the most part. Only few persons can make him smile, one of them being Jane. He is extremely loyal and feels the need to protect his family from people who are a threath to them, or disrespect them in any way. His father takes priority to Jane in loyalty scale. He is smart, because of his slight built he needs to result into his cunning during battle instead of brute strenght.

Likes; [i] Family, a nice raw steak, the color blue because it's reliable, has inherited the facination to redheads from his father, a work aholic
Dislikes; Sinbad, vegetables, silver for obvious reasons

Strengths; He can turn into his wolf form at will, but it hurts slightly. Superior senses; excelled hearing and strength. They also possess the ability to turn into a werewolf and have an extended human life. He is smart, and prefers to use tactics to his advantage rather than brute strenght. His loyalty.
Weaknesses; Affected by silver. Can die from injuries. He feels pain when transforming. His loyalty is strong, but it can become his downfall.

He has dark hair like his father, and he has a little goatee, he usualy wears blue. He is slight built, but has some muscels, so he is not weak.

His father married Korsos sister Belle, to get an heir to his throne. Tulio was born and some days later he was with his mother alone when the rival wolf clan atacked and killed her. Tulio was saved somehow.
He hasn't met his cousins in the human and vampire cousins, and wouldn't even know who they are if he met them. Having only one parent he feels strong loyalty to his father. However he feels that there is a big distance between him and his father, so he feels like he has to please his father in any way his father wants him to. He felt a bit territorial when Jane was born, but when he saw how his father loved Jane he felt he needed to protect her no matter what. He adopted Pocahontas as a motherly figure because he lacks one. He has been leading battles for years now, finding he needs to show his father how he can do it.


Video Audition:

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PostSubject: Re: Character profile Tulio   Sun Jul 01, 2012 10:00 pm

I'm your rival? *crawls in corner and cries*
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Character profile Tulio
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