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 Character Profile: Jane

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PostSubject: Character Profile: Jane   Fri Jun 22, 2012 7:51 pm

Name: Jane Ella Wolfe
Species: Werewolves and Witches. (She is a hybrid.)
Age: Eighteen.
Date of Birth: 23rd June 1206.
Occupation: Works part-time at the Tavern.
Residence: The Chambers of Jane, situated through a series of tunnels, found deep in the Mountain Caves.


(Shall add more relationships later, when plotted with characters.)
-Dean: Jane's father.
-Ariella: Jane's mother. She is unaware she exists, believes her mother was a werewolf who died.
-Tulio: Jane's brother.
-Marina: Jane's cousin on her father's side.
-Akima: Jane's cousin on her father's side.
-Tzekel: Jane's step-father, married to her mother. She doesn't know he exists, but he wants to kill her.
-Esmeralda: Jane's cousin on her mother's side. She doesn't know she exists.

-Werewolves: She currently identifies herself as a member of this clan.
-Witches: In the future she shall be allied with them as she is a member herself but is unaware of her hybrid nature.
-Anya: A close friend.
-Sinbad: Jane has an arranged marriage with him on her fathers' orders, despite resenting this, he is a fairly close friend in some ways.

-Vampires: They are evil bloodsucking beings that her father has brought her up to fear and despise.
-Humans: Ignorant to their way of life, but not particularly harmful; or so she believes.
-None: As of yet.


Positive Traits; Courageous, caring and loyal.
Negative Traits; Shy, proud and hot-tempered at times.
(Overview shall be added soon.)

Likes; Meat as she has grown up eating it, but it must be cooked through. Berries from the forest. Loyalty.
Dislikes; Red meat. Arrogance.

Strengths; Jane is a descendent of the strongest line of witches from the element of spirit. She is also intelligent.
Weaknesses; Jane cannot turn into a werewolf as she shall take after her mother's side and is not yet aware of her witch powers. Her powers can also be withheld with a circle of blood (animal or human) trapping her inside or a special herb (vervain) can also bind her powers. She is also affected by silver as she is still half werewolf by blood.

Jane has a slight physique and is fairly small with large and bright blue eyes, inherited from her mother, and brunette hair with a hint of aubern. Her skin is pale, uncharacteristic of a werewolf-born and also inherited from her mother. However, her face shape is more similar to that of her brother and father.

Ariella, the leader of the witches, became Dean’s new ally, yet despite their feelings, nothing could come of it. Ariella was already married to Tzekel after their betrothal years before. Nonetheless, it wasn’t long before they could hold back their passions no longer and they slept together one blissful night. Tzekel was furious and banned werewolf and witch contact. Nonetheless, after nine months, Jane was born. Tzekel ordered the baby to be slaughtered but Ariella managed to send it away for Dean to bring up the child, knowing she would have to return eventually to lead the circle as it was incomplete without her spirit element.
Jane has grown up unaware of this past and is simply told by her father that; 'sometimes in the werewolf genetic code, women don’t always turn’. Despite this reassurance, she is doubtful and longs to become a true werewolf.


Video Introduction:
Not currently available.
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Character Profile: Jane
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