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 Characters: Brief Descriptions

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Claude Frollo: The Leader of the Vampires and the Original Vampire. As Claude Frollo was the first vampire ever created, he is undoubtedly the most ruthless with a twisted, secret and incredibly dark past. In his human life, he was a murderer. When the witches found out, to restore the balance of nature, they took the life of his own daughter and cursed him to live with it for eternity, feeding off the lives of others. This loss makes him exceedingly possessive of Odette, Rose and Alice who he now views as his own daughters, even if they are not of the same blood. He is able to walk in the sun without a ring or any aid through practice and has developed a tolerance to any weapon except stakes.

Odette: The eldest sister and ‘daughter’ to Claude, though she doesn’t possess any loyalty towards him and still resents his actions when forcing her and Dean apart. Not that she still loves him now, since the event, she has become entirely heartless to most in the romance department. Despite resenting her ‘father’ for making her this way, she doesn’t feel any resentment over the fact he turned her, she felt weak as a human and now she has the ability to exercise her evil attitude. She is almost as ruthless, fiercely protective over her sisters and dangerous as Claude, so be careful, don’t get on her bad side.

Rose: The middle sister is the least dark of the three but does possess loyalty and thanks to Claude who returned both her and Alice to their sister, Odette’s side. She can be calculating and sly when she needs to be, working situations to her own advantage, aswell as being seductively evil. Nonetheless, she only kills mainly to feed or for revenge, not for fun.

Alice: The youngest sister possesses the most loyalty to Claude and even calls him ‘father’ as it is mostly all she has ever known. Her evil tendencies almost match up to Odette, as she is playfully dark and tortures her victims in disturbingly imaginative ways for a vampire stuck at the age of a child. She is innocent and naive but don’t underestimate her cruelty. She is also betrothed by Claude to Jim who she treats like a pet she adores.

Rolfe: Second in command to Claude, he follows his orders to the letter. He has strong beliefs in manners and decorum as an honourable, rich vampire who keeps his word in a deal. He is a respected member of the town council as they are unaware he is a vampire. His kills are sly and he feeds as he would during a human dining experience, with dignity. He can walk in the sunlight as he possesses a ring.

Jim: An exceedingly recent addition to the vampire family so has still not got a clear handle on his abilities. He was chosen by Alice as she found him ‘simply adorable’ as her pet. He is betrothed to Alice by Claude and he dare not disobey, despite not reciprocating her feelings. He feeds off animals and doesn’t believe in killing humans, a rare find in vampires as he is a generally good person. He rebels against their evil through secretly aiding the witches as their spy. He generally communicates through Miguel, who the vampires do not know to be a witch.


Dean/ Beast: The Leader of the Werewolves and the Alpha Male. Dean’s core value is to protect his clan, but deeper than that, to protect his family. His fiercely protective instincts are typical of a werewolf and as by far the strongest in his clan, he generally succeeds in protecting his own, especially his daughter who he fears for. He dedicates most of his life to ensuring her safety from those who would harm her for revenge and keeping her identity as a witch hidden. He claims that ‘sometimes in the werewolf genetic code, women don’t always turn’, however this is nonsense. He no longer cares for Odette and has a fierce hatred for the vampires which keep them in a constant war with one another. Dean can turn into a werewolf at will and without pain.

Tulio/Balto: Dean’s eldest son is heir and second in command to the werewolf leadership, taking the role of the Beta Male. He is defensive of his clan and fiercely protective over his younger sister, Jane. He fears for as she has no method of defending herself since she cannot turn into a werewolf, despite knowing the truth of her ancestry, he underestimates the power of witches as silly pranks. Despite his seemingly slight physique, he can certainly pull his weight, being one of the strongest werewolves, this, combined with his intelligence aids their fighting and hunting. Tulio can turn into a werewolf at will but still possesses some pain; it is nonetheless quick and instantaneous. The slight pain thus doesn't bother him as it is nothing compared to the battles he has faced for his clan.

Jane: Dean and Ariella’s secret daughter who possesses no werewolf traits as of yet, but is a witch as she is female and therefore will dominantly inherit her mother’s abilities. Nonetheless, she is unaware of this and believes her father’s lie that ‘sometimes in the werewolf genetic code, women don’t always turn’. This makes her feel weak and vulnerable which she severely dislikes, as she is unaware of her witch power, she is for all intents and purposes, a human. She loves her brother and father with all her heart, trusting their judgment and guidance above all else.

Twin sister to Marina, she is the cousin of Tulio and Jane and thus the niece of Dean. Akima is the most dominant twin; she is blunt and speaks what she thinks, not fearing for the consequences. She is also physically strong, even for a werewolf, and can turn at will but still feels some pain. She possesses the typical werewolf quality of loyalty and the incessant need to protect her clan, especially her family. Both the twins offer light comedic relief when necessary and joke around, until the battle commences and they instantly become serious.

Marina/Aleu: Twin sister to Akima, she is the cousin of Tulio and Jane and thus the niece of Dean. Marina is the more recessive twin; she is quieter and more tactful in the way she speaks, understanding social interaction more fully. She is strong but her quality lies mostly in her intelligence, and she can turn into a werewolf at will but still feels some pain. She possesses the typical werewolf quality of loyalty and the incessant need to protect her clan, especially her family. Both the twins offer light comedic relief when necessary and joke around, until the battle commences and they instantly become serious.

Anya/LosReyesMagosWolf: Anya is a werewolf with divided loyalties. She possesses strong protective feelings for Jane but has a dark side which can show itself and dislikes Dean. She does not trust the alpha male and feels his decisions are not always correct, nonetheless follows him to stay close to Jane. She is still restricted to turning on the Full Moon, or in moods of severe anger but feels no pain.

Sinbad/Steele: Sinbad openly rebels against the leadership, not liking the way Dean orders his clan. No-one except Dean is aware why he loathes him so much, the truth is, Dean defeated his father and took over the clan he would've inherited. Now, he is reckless and not afraid of killing or hunting innocents. Dean often attempts to keep him under control and as he is the alpha, Sinbad unfortunately has to listen. He can change into his werewolf form at will and feels little pain.


Ariella: Leader of the Witches and from a long generation of strong witch leaders. Her power is vast, but centred around the spirit element which runs throughout her ancestry. She is of extreme intelligence and is kind and fair to her clan. She is level-headed and thinks through all the decisions she makes. She attempts to pass on these qualities to her niece but she is a little too wild for her tastes, yet she still cares for her. She wonders almost constantly the fate of her daughter, Jane and misses her with a great yearning, wanting to know her and tell her how much she loves her. She knows one day Jane must return as the circle is incomplete without her to guide the spirit element and ultimately lead the clan after her own demise. Over the years since Jane’s disappearance, her relationship with Tarrent has become a destructive knot and she avoids him when possible as he brings out the worst in her.

Tzekel: Husband of Ariella and Uncle to Esmeralda. After the incident with Ariella and Dean, he has become corrupted by sin and power. His eyes are generally dark due to his excessive use of black magic and he barely utilizes his white or air element magic anymore. He is obsessed with destruction and his ultimate goal is to destroy Dean and Jane, as in doing so, he believes he is protecting the one last thing he holds dear from the pain he felt, Esmeralda. That is the single last piece of humanity within his empty soul.

Esmeralda: Tarrent’s Genetic Niece and shall lead the circle after her Aunt Ariella if a spirit heir is not found. She has inherited the element of air and uses that alongside her other circle magic; she tries to resist the dark side. However, Esmeralda is wild and flighty; she is impulsive and gets caught up in the heat of the moment without fearing for the consequences. Despite her personality clashes occasionally with her aunt, she respects and cares for her. She also works in the Castle as Charlotte’s lady maid to help gain information for the circle.

Miguel: Miguel is valued mainly in the circle for his rare ability of clayr voyance. He has premonitions and vague dreams of the future, making him valuable as he predicts attacks and such like. His element is water and he uses this to help guide his visions, looking into lakes, etc, helps him focus. He is fairly happy go lucky but does have a secret; he has a crush on the vampire spy who feeds him information, Jim. In the back of his mind, he has the incessant worry for his safety.

Giselle: Giselle has never particularly being into magic and prefers mostly to speak with the humans and suppress her culture when possible. Her power is over Earth and so she feels exceedingly connected to nature, making her a vegetarian and an eco-friendly individual. She is quiet and prefers to lurk in the background of situations, finding social interaction rather uncomfortable. Nonetheless, she is reliable and always turns up to circle meetings.

John Smith: John reinforces the stereotypical view of those associated with the element of fire; he is corrupted by power and often strays to the evil side, his eyes turning black occasionally. Nonetheless, he is still a valued member of the circle despite his unreliability as he possesses strong control over magic. He does what he wants, when he wants and doesn’t care about the repercussions. His only genuine worries are that the witches, especially the members of his circle, stay safe.


Korso: Leader of the Humans and the Army. Originally, Korso was the father to Odette, Aurora, Alice and Charlotte, his wife having died in childbirth with Charlotte, he was a dedicated father. Until, the war with the vampires began and his three eldest children were turned. Now, he views them as an abomination to nature, longing to kill them and end their undead lives. Charlotte, as his only living human daughter, is close to him and he spoils her with all his riches, giving her anything she desires within their castle as he refuses to let her leave. He is determined not to lose her too, nonetheless his hatred for the supernatural has consumed him and he yearns to wipe out the other three species. In his opinion, to protect his people from the danger they pose.

Charlotte: Human Daughter of Korso and Heir to inherit the Castle. Charlotte is spoilt by her father as the only one of his children remaining human. She openly hates her sisters for their betrayal to the human race and longs, like her father, to see their un-dead existences, ended. She resents been cooped up inside the castle, not allowed to leave, but finds secret ways to escape now and again. Though manipulative at times, she generally believes what she is doing is right. She is naive and slightly self-centred but mostly decent to those of her own race.

Ping: Twin brother to Mulan and the Youngest Members of the Army, Bodyguard of Charlotte. Ping is fun and outgoing, fierce and untamed, willing to have a go at anything. He joined the army with his sister to develop his fighting skills and try help the poor financial situation at home, as his mother and father are struggling to keep their house. He loves his twin sister and they are rarely seen apart, generally joking and teasing one another with optimistic and happy smiles.

Mulan: Twin sister to Ping and the Youngest Members of the Army. Mulan is a little quieter than her brother but is comfortable with those she knows. She joined the army with her brother to develop her fighting skills and try help the poor financial situation at home, as her mother and father are struggling to keep their house. She loves her twin brother and they are rarely seen apart, generally joking and teasing one another with optimistic and happy smiles.

Helga: Extremist Warrior who will fight to the death for what she believes, Second in Command to Korso. She is close to Korso, understanding his motives and fight against the vampires. She hates the vampire race and wishes to see them all dead but secretly she is loyal to the werewolves and obsessed over turning into one of them. In becoming close to them and proving her loyalty to their leader, Dean, she hopes to achieve her main goal to persuade him to help her become a werewolf. However, as of yet, Dean has refused. Despite this, she has not become disheartened and focuses her energies instead on destroying vampires.
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Characters: Brief Descriptions
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