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 Species: Brief Information and Introduction

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PostSubject: Species: Brief Information and Introduction   Thu May 24, 2012 12:44 am

Creation: A human must die with vampire blood inside their body.
Location: Village Residences or Crypt
Hideout Location: Secret Crypt below the Mausoleum
Features: Pale and cold skin and red eyes. They are able to return their eyes to their original eye colour for limited lengths of time. Speak correctly in an old-fashioned manner.
Abilities: Superior senses; excelled hearing, speed and strength. They also possess immortality unless stabbed through the heart with a stake.
Limitations: Skin burns in the sunlight unless they possess a ring spelled by a witch, which are rare as they are sworn enemies. They also possess the incessant need to feed on blood. Wood (when breaks the skin) and a herb (vervain) are effective weapons against them. A wooden stake through the heart will kill them.

Creation: A genetic occurrence or that causes one to endure a painful transition on the full moon. This can be avoided with long periods practice so one can shift at will and without pain. If bitten by a werewolf on a full moon, a human shall turn, witches are unaffected and vampires die.
Location: Village Residences or the Mountain Range
Hideout Location: Secret Caves
Features: Tanned and warm skin. Sometimes more physical wolfish attributes may be visible. The clan has to obey a direct order from the alpha and beta males.
Abilities: Superior senses; excelled hearing and strength. They also possess the ability to turn into a werewolf and have an extended human life.
Limitations: Lack of control of werewolf form without practice and the pain mostly endured in transitions. Silver in any form is an effective weapon against the species. Despite extended lifetimes, they are still subject to physically inflicted human deaths.

Creation: A genetic occurrence.
Location: Village Residences or Deep inside the Glacier
Hideout Location: Secret Circle
Features: Human appearance, however if using dark magic, their eyes turn black for a limited amount of time.
Abilities: Power over their genetically inherited element if a part of the long-line of circle members. White magic is good and pure magic, the ability to perform small spells without consequence, such as telekinesis. Black magic is fairly unlimited but corrupts an individual until they lack a soul and a special ritual needs to be performed.
Limitations: Ultimately, without their powers, they are human. Their powers can be withheld with a circle of blood (animal or human) trapping them inside or a special herb (vervain) that binds their powers. Depending upon the amount given depends on the length of time the powers are bound, from minutes to a lifetime.

Location: Village Residences or Castle
Hideout Location: Castle Court
Abilities: General human abilities, however they do possess weapons: stakes, silver bullets, vervain, etc.
Limitations: Ultimately, they are human and have no power.
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Species: Brief Information and Introduction
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