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 Trying Again (Tag Sinbad)

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PostSubject: Trying Again (Tag Sinbad)   Tue Aug 14, 2012 3:52 am

Despite her encounter with Odette, Mulan hadn't told anyone about it. No doubt Korso would chastise her for not recognizing Odette for what she really was the moment she stepped into view. So, Mulan had kept it to herself. She had avoided the forest for a while, but now, she was determined to go in there again and prove that she could defend herself. She refused to be a helpless little girl that had to be rescued every time she got into trouble. So, she made her way through the forest, her sword around her waist and her gun in her pocket. She moved quietly at first, but after sensing no danger for a long while, she settled for leaning against a tree and staring idly at the leaves above her.
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Trying Again (Tag Sinbad)
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