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 New Ally or Enemy?? (Tag: Anya)

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PostSubject: New Ally or Enemy?? (Tag: Anya)   Mon Aug 13, 2012 4:36 am

|| Sorry it took so long for me to post this. ||

Finally walking to clear his head, Tzekel found himself far away from the safety of the circle and into wolf territory. He looked around as he combed his hair with his fingers as he made his way through all the wooded area and down into the deep underbrush of the Forest. He looked around for anyone, and saw no one so he continued on his way. He saw a creek near by and went down to it.

Walking down to the creek, he slipped off his shoes and rolled up his pants legs as he walked into the creek and sat on a rock so he could think. A lot of stuff going through his mind, like the way things were and what the were now. How could he win Ariella back and kill the freaking half breed at the same time. Decisions, Decisions. He looked up at where the sun was just barley shinning through the trees as he heard a noise behind him and turned his head quickly.
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New Ally or Enemy?? (Tag: Anya)
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