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 Hunting the Hunters (open to any)

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PostSubject: Hunting the Hunters (open to any)   Mon Jul 30, 2012 3:33 am

On a black horse came a rider from town, not just any ride one covered head to toe in specific cloaks and clothes to help blend into the bushes. Herbs used to bathe in to mask scent.... she had requested time off at the palace for this, she knew the borders very well between witch and werewolf lands but was not going to let it stop her from hunting. From her knowledge they hunted in packs. Clever girl covered her face all wrapped up to the point one could not tell she was even a woman anymore. Bowstrung along her back with a quiver full of arrows as she dismounted, knife hanging from her waist. Tying the horse to a tree limb before proceeding into the forests.

It was a good long while before she caught sight of anything setting up snare traps incase this trip was in vain for that way she would at least have some rabbits or rodents to bring back for her trouble. A lovely doe with her two young fauns, stopping for a moment to appreciate the sight before smirking and then startling them with a sudden movement to scare them off with a chuckle. Good thing it was not them she was looking to snag.
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Hunting the Hunters (open to any)
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