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 Niina inactiveness

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PostSubject: Niina inactiveness   Thu Jul 05, 2012 4:48 am

Okay so this weekend is starting friday idk if I will be on at all. I have a family reunion thingy coming up on saturday and on sunday I have work and then I have to go to a confirmation party of a family friend. The family reunion thingy I was originally supposed to just do the video thingy, but today I got some more responsibilities, so friday I will be helping to organise the damn thing XDD. So on friday I will probably be just checking in on topics I'm in at morning before work, and if I get home in decent time maybe then too. I will go to my cousins place straight from work so yeah Razz . The next week idk if I have the energy to rp much because there is alot of things going on in my life now so we will see that too, but please don't be angry at me Q.Q
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Niina inactiveness
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