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 Sinbad's Diary

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PostSubject: Sinbad's Diary   Mon Jun 04, 2012 5:49 am

(( I was a bit bored, I apologize. ^^ ))

Dear Diary

I hate writing in diaries! Almost as much as I hate those pace makers they put in older humans, I almost lost a molar on one of those. Anyway, I guess this is the boring part where I whine like a baby on paper, because I have no friends to vent on, but it’s not. I’m only writing in here because I have a sneaky suspicion those twins are going to sneak into my bed and steal this crappy, empty, book my dad gave me. I have nothing to say, except really? Really? You take me for a softy who writes in his diary? What am I, Tulio? You come in my room again Akima, Marina, and I won’t hesitate to tell the pack about that time in the town. Understood?


Ps: Because I know you do.

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Sinbad's Diary
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