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 A personal message, (too most people on here. especially emily(jim)

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PostSubject: A personal message, (too most people on here. especially emily(jim)   Sun Jul 01, 2012 8:47 am


Okay I'm just going to say what I feel that is need to say.
So I might over react, but my personal life is turning and twisting lately so i'm sorry if i bother any of you by this.

So I left chat today, and stayed to chat with chessie and niina only.
Chessie was still chatting with emily and by my most shock I hear that people have been telling her I have been talking shit about her.
To be honest I NEVER have talked shit about her.
Maybe when I'm annoyed, but who doesn't want to vent to their 'friends' when something is annoying you? Everyone would love to have a friend to lean on and be able to talk to. And this really upsetted me. Really.

Because I'm not a person who likes to talk 'shit' behind people's back. Not at all. If I don't like you, you probably notice. Or I just tell you why I don't like you. It even shocked me that you Emily think I hate you greatly. Because I don't. There are two people who I've met on yt, and don't like. (I'm not going to call names). And you're NOT one of them. I've never said I hated you. I can admit truly that I have talked yes. About you yes. But not 'shit' I've only said, and I'm being honest. That I felt bad for one: your art got so much attention. And I must say, I'm jealous about your art. 2 that when you didn't reply to me. When I ask a couple of times. That were the ONLY things I've said about you.
And I'v said that to Henrike, Niina, Chessie and chels. Why? Because their my friends and I felt the need to vent about that.

Besides that, I cannot remember EVER talking bad about you. If I have, and people have told you that I have. I'm sorry for a 'crime' that I didn't commit. To be honest I was afraid lots of people would dislike me on here. Just like I felt they did on Hogwarts. But Emily if you don't like me. I'm sorry for whatever I ever 'said' that made you dislike me. I truly am.

If I wasn't than I wouldn't sit here crying about it, and telling you in public.
Because I am not afraid to put my faults in public. I'm not afraid to admit okay maybe I was wrong. I'm not scared to do that.

I was afraid something like this would happen and I'm just tempted to leave Forsaken Bloodlines already. Why? Because I don't like to hear that people spread rumours about me that are untrue.
I just wanted to get this out.
And I will try to not bother any of you. I shall let you all be. Because to be honest I don't feel much at home here either. I try to be nice too people. But when I hear this. It upsets me.
I'm saying this now in public because I'm not afraid to let people know what goes on.
I hope not many of you 'hate' me. And if you do. I can just leave the rp. And let you all be in peace.

~ audrey(aurora)
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PostSubject: Re: A personal message, (too most people on here. especially emily(jim)   Sun Jul 01, 2012 9:25 am

Well, yeah I know that now. Didn't know it earlier. Which, I'm sorry. Honestly, we could have just said this in a PM and not started a thread over it. This might bring unnecessary drama, but whatever I want to speak my mind because I feel like I should agree with you on some points.

Saying things to your friends is fine. Hell everyone knows if I need to vent I go to Chelsea or Jen, (Poca and Miguel respectively). That's cool and fine and I don't think anyone hates you here, to my knowledge. I know we haven't really liked each other and have been rude to one another in the past but I want to assume that we'll get over it. You and I are level headed and it'll clear up, be right as rain within the week.

And if anyone has a problem with another RPer here, drama should stay out of it. RPing is a stress relief for people who enjoy it. No reason to want to like 'sabotage' another character. I believe drama should be left at the door. and I know there was a lot of drama involved with Rise of Legends, there's a reason why we rebooted the entirety of that RP. But the past is in the past. We grow up, we move on.

But, to my knowledge, I had NO idea that you were jealous of my art. That came as a surprise to me, it honestly did. I'm impressed by your video making, it's stunning and completely something I wished I was able to do.

You have your talents and I have mine. We could trade? ;D Lol, I wish. But in all seriousness this was something that could have been done just between us. But I can understand you bringing it into the FB discussions.

No one hates you, no one is out right trying to get you. And I seriously need to go to reply to our thread. I've been busy within the last hour and a half. My Grandmaw's friend died and I've been sitting with her on and off until her group of friends came over to talk about it.

Just don't get frustrated, no one's out to get you. I thought you hated me. And now I know you don't, Chessie cleared it all up for me. And now you and I can talk whenever and I won't be in a constant fear of you like being out to get me. (For the longest time I really thought you were, the whole Jason/Aurora thing. Confused the hell out of me. It seemed like you were going back and forth and I couldn't keep up. Whatever, past is past.)

Jesus this is a long post and I'm pretty sure I rambled for a good while, but I hope you get what I'm saying.

No one hates you, we like you, and some of us like you more than others. I really don't think anyone's out to get you but if you ever need to ask. Just ask. Don't be afraid or scared someone hates you. It's the internet, people are going to be pricks and assholes. It's to be expected.

Take it in stride and don't stress yourself. I'm not the most amiable person. I know that. I've learned not to care if someone doesn't like me. You just need to learn that not everyone is going to like you. And you're going to hurt yourself in the long run trying to make people like you.

And I'd elaborate more but I need to get off my laptop right now and help around the house. If you get on mibbit, we could talking about this in more detail later/tomorrow.

- Emily (Jim)
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A personal message, (too most people on here. especially emily(jim)
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