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 Will talk to everyone monday

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PostSubject: Will talk to everyone monday   Sun Jul 01, 2012 3:34 am

Ello there :3
Great news I'm going home (yay!!! about damn time!)
after being stuck at my father's for two weeks bored out of my brains cause i can't go anywhere (No car and I'm not taking the bus around a city i have no clue where to go :/)
He is taking me home where i can be with my computer and make video's! I missed chuu video's D: never leave me alone again. lol
But that won't last long cause my parents are taking me and my nephew to Disneyland, woow i have to wait until i'm freaking 19 years old to go their? >.> oh well i still get to go XD
But now that i have a bad ass laptop i'll be in touch and making sure i put Sony Vegas on here. I never wanna go that long with out making a video and having nothing to do but sleep on the couch all day XD lol.

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Will talk to everyone monday
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