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 History of the Great Divide between the Species

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PostSubject: History of the Great Divide between the Species   Thu May 24, 2012 12:40 am

Plot and History of the Four Clans

The war between the four defining species began years ago and only few can truly understand its cause. Claude Frollo, the leader of the vampires was the first original and witnessed the gradual division between the cultures. Dean, the werewolf leader was Claude’s closest ally; they protected one another with their lives in their youth. That was, until they met Korso, the leader of the human army. However, the problem did not begin with him, but with his daughter, Odette. Claude Frollo and Dean both were captured by her for entirely separate reasons. For Claude, he saw her as the daughter he had lost so long ago, back when he still had any humanity so he instantly wanted her for his own. Dean was entranced by her beauty and a secret flame ignited between them when their eyes first met. Claude, with a little of Dean’s input, decided to turn Odette into a vampire to ease his loneliness.

Korso’s anger was infinite as his daughter became a monster in front of his eyes, so he assigned every one of his warriors the task of slaughtering all supernatural beings. Many died and in response, Claude launched an attack on his castle, his army of vampires, led by his second in command, Rolfe, and killed many. However, this was not his main point of revenge. Once inside, Claude ordered his vampires to turn all of Korso’s children. Rose and Alice joined their clan instantly and voluntarily. However, the youngest, Charlotte, reminded Claude too much of her father, so he left her there to lead a human life and remind Korso of the others he had lost.

Meanwhile, Dean had been ordered to guard Odette and ensure her safety. However, when Claude returned to the crypt, he found he had been betrayed. Dean and Odette were making love, much to his disgust. He despises the mixture of species in romantic entanglements and he wouldn’t have his new daughter fooling around with his closest ally. Dean barely escaped with his life and the only thing that convinced Odette to stay, was Claude’s possession of her two sisters. Odette resents him for this, but has learnt to enjoy the lifestyle of a vampire with Rose and Alice, no longer caring for Charlotte’s wellbeing.

Dean’s hatred for Claude transpired into a hatred for the vampire race and he discovered he no longer even possessed feelings for Odette. He made a deal after this event, with Korso, that neither would attack the others clan and they would unite in the face of the vampires threat. To seal the deal, Korso offered Dean his sister, Belle, as Dean required an heir and Korso needed to marry her for the good of the Kingdom. As a couple of years passed, Belle provided a son, Tulio. A few days after, Belle was attacked by a rival werewolf clan and was killed. Korso believed that Dean had killed her as he now possessed an heir to lead the clan once his extended lifespan expired, he had no more use for Belle. With this belief, Korso broke their deal and they have fought ever since. Dean, who blamed himself for Belle's death believing it was their fight before these events which drove her to run away from him into the night of her death, never forgave himself. He tried to make his peace with Korso and explain he was innocent of her murder but Korso would not believe him and Dean, Dean knew he was partly to blame. He had grown to care for her and dreamt that one day he may even love her but he'd lost her so he closed himself off to love and poured all his energy into raising his son. Wishing everyday Belle was there. It was a long while before he met someone he loved once more, and this time, this time his heart was filled with it like never before.

The witches had never had a problem with the werewolves until this fateful event, it was only the humans they resented for their hateful attitude and the vampires for being an abomination to nature. However, as these events unfolded, the final divide between the two clans began. Ariella, the leader of the witches, became Dean’s new ally, yet despite their feelings, nothing could come of it. Ariella was already married to Tzekel after their betrothal years before. Nonetheless, it wasn’t long before they could hold back their passions no longer and they slept together one blissful night. Tzekel was furious and banned werewolf and witch contact. Nonetheless, after nine months, Jane was born. Tzekel ordered the baby to be slaughtered but Ariella managed to send it away for Dean to bring up the child, knowing she would have to return eventually to lead the circle as it was incomplete without her spirit element. Re-instating her power as leader of the witches, Ariella reminded Tzekel to obey her if he wished to remain a part of their circle. Resentfully, he submitted, but vowed secretly to kill the child if it were the last thing he did.

Now, the four clans have grown ever more separate but few know to which any individual truly belongs.
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History of the Great Divide between the Species
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